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In many fantasy themed games your character gains levels and becomes stronger and gains access to more abilities over time. In Talisman you can gain Followers and Magic Objects which do make you more powerful but they are often easily lost. What if we changed the Characters around so they could gain levels?

General Rules

All characters begin at first level and with 0 Experience.
When a character defeats an Enemy it gains Experience equal to it's Strength or Craft.
A character can spend 7 Experience to increase his Strength or Craft by 1 as usual but now can also spend 10 Experience to advance to the next level.
Included in these rules are new versions of the Amazon, Dark Elf, Druid, Dwarf, Elf, Ghoul, Gypsy, Halfling, Knight, Pirate, Priest, Rogue, Sprite, Thief, Troll, and Wizard. Added to the game are the noble (maybe) Lord and the vile (most definitely) Despoiler. Enjoy.

Character Rules

Strength, Craft, and Lives are treated much as they were before but every even-numbered level can increase one or more attributes. This is also an increase in Base attributes, for example a 2nd level Thief has a Base Strength and Craft of 4 and nothing can reduce either or 3 or less while he is still 2nd Level. If our Thief Character is 8th level and casts the Healing Spell then he is restored to 5 Lives (his base 2 plus three +1 Life bonuses).
Alignment and Start are treated as before.
"Owns" details exactly what a character begins with in the game and now some start with nothing at all.
Special Note: Some characters have "+1 Spell" as a Bonus. This bonus allows a character to draw a Spell card immediately and permanently adds to the maximum number of Spells a character can possess.

The 10th Level

Characters can only advance to the 10th level and no further. All characters that survive to this level gain +1 Strength, +1 Craft, +1 Life, and +1 Spell. They also have been judged worthy and no longer need a Talisman to enter the Valley of Fire space.