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The New Tavern is the hub of all social activity in the land of Talisman. A Character entering this space can now encounter a wider variety of individuals, far more than a simple die roll would allow. Now Characters can rub elbows with multiple Strangers, meet potential Followers, or maybe just pass out for the evening.

Under New Management

Place the Drunken Farmer, Reveler, Helpful Wizard, Boatman, and Gamblers cards face down in the Tavern space at the start of the game.

Now when a Character enters the Tavern three things happen.
1. He still rolls a die but instead of consulting the Tavern table he draws a number of Adventure cards equal to the die roll. All Strangers and Followers are placed face down in the Tavern as well and the other cards are discarded.
2. The Tavern cards are randomly shuffled and he draws one and encounters it.
3. He may choose to buy another round of drinks (for 1 Gold) and draw another card as often as he wishes and his Gold holds out.

Minor Rule Changes

1. The Pirate and the Sawshbuckler still gain a +1 bonus to all die rolls at the Tavern.