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Special Abilities not special enough for you? You can always get more.

Skill Cards

The Skill cards are placed to the side in the Skill Deck and are not mixed with the other cards. They are not shuffled and can be examined by any player in the game at any time. If a skill is learned its card is removed from this deck and is given to the character that has learned it.
Characters can have a maximum number of Skills equal to the maximum number of Spells a standard Character with the same amount of Craft would possess. Characters can choose to discard old Skills to learn new Skills if needed.

Gaining and Losing Skills

This a new addition to the City - the Professor. He is a board "personality" just like the Alchemist, Doctor, or Enchantress. Any Character that visits with him can study with him by paying 3 Gold and missing his next 3 turns. The controlling player picks the Skill card of his choice at the end of this time and places it face down. When he visits the space listed on the card the Skill is placed face up and can be used as needed. Characters can choose to discard old Skills to learn new Skills if needed.
A Character can also lose Skills if his Craft suffers. If a Character loses Craft for any reason roll a die and if the result is a 1 or 2 then he discards a Skill as well.
There are other ways to gain Skills as well some for specific boards.

Minor Rule Changes

1. The Orb of Knowledge reduces the number of turns and amount of Gold needs to gain a Skill by 1.
2. The Instructor can give you a Skill for 3 Gold if you wish.

Alternate Abilities

Useful for: any Character with a Craft of 3 or greater