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Did you think a Dragon was the worst thing you could face?

Getting The Plague

Getting the Plague unfortunately is rather easy depending on what you encounter. The only advantage to having a Plague card is that you ignore anything that tells you to get another Plague card.

Surviving the Plague

It will slowly rob you of your vitality. First you lose Strength and Craft and eventually Lives.

Curing the Plague

You can rid yourself of the Plague by using healing to remove counters from the Plague card. You can also cast the Reverse Health Spell and can buy Medicine (print 10 of them) from the Healer in the Village, Doctor in the City, or the Royal Physician at the Royal Castle for 2 Gold each.

Minor Rule Changes

1. The Merchant can buy Medicine for 1 Gold each while at the City, Village, or Royal Castle.

Alternative Abilities

Useful for: Scientist