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Monsters just not much of a challenge any more? This will fix that.

Special Ability tokens

Now when an Enemy is drawn a die is rolled and if the result is a 1 then it gains a Special Ability token. Special Ability tokens make Enemies much more difficult to destroy and can let what was a simple little monster have a dramatic impact on the game.

Special Ability tokens

Different Enemies gain different types for power tokens demanding on the type of Enemy.
Strength based enemies fit into four general categories:

1. Animals - either normal or giant size versions
2. Dragons - the familar large scary reptiles
3. Humanoid - living, basically human shaped, usually the art includes a weapon
4. Monsters - all other non-Animal, non-Dragon, non-Humanoid based Enemies.

Craft bases enemies fit into two general categories
1. Undead - Skeletons, Vampires, Mummies, Shadows, etc - things that were once alive
2. Wizards - deadly spellcasters, identified as Enemy-Wizard, and detailed here
3. Spirits - all other non-Undead Craft based Enemies.

Giving Tokens

After determining what type of Enemy shuffle the deck of Special Ability tokens and then draw cards until one of the seven possible abilities is listed for the Enemy in question. Now you can face a Greedy Ogre, Undying Wraith, or a Fearsome Dragon!

Animal Adaptive Bloodthirsty Fearsome Hunter Maneater Rabid Tracking
Dragon Bloodthirsty Endurance Fearsome Greedy Iron Skin Vital Young
Humanoid Caster Knight Overlord Psychic Questing Summoning Warlock
Monster Bloodthirsty Endurance Fearsome Iron Skin Psychic Undying Vital
Undead Dark Hunter Lifedraining Maneater Negative Plane Tracking Undying
Wizard Adaptive Caster Greedy Jinx Questing Summoning Warlock
Spirit Dark Jinx Lifedraining Negative Plane Overlord Undying Young

Minor Rule Changes

1. A Character with a Helmet, Shield, or Armor can roll twice when facing a Fearsome Enemy to see if he can avoid losing either Life.
2. The Counterspell Spell will prevent an Enemy from using it's Caster or Summoning ability.
3. A Character that could Evade an Enemy with the Hunter ability is not affected by it.
4. A Character can steal or outwise affect a Sword or Armor for an Enemy with the Knight ability.

Alternate Abilities

Useful for: Amazon, Gladiator, Knight, Ninja, Ranger, or Samurai