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Even adventurers need some place to call home, a place where they may rest, restore themselves, and then return to their quest for the Crown of Command.

The Beginning

Your Starting Space is now much more important to use. It is where your people, tribe, or family are and they provide a safe place for you to recover before you restart your quest again. If you begin a turn in your Starting Space you may miss your turn to do a variety of things.
You may heal 1 life (if you curently have less than four).
You may send any unwanted Follower to the discard pile.
You may take a Gold if you do not currently possess any Gold.
You may draw a Spell if you begin with at least one but do not currently possess any Spells.
You may take any one Object from the Purchase deck (if it has it) if you begin with one but do not currently possess one.

Minor Rule Changes

1. A Character with either the Princess or Prince as a Follower can treat the Royal Castle as a Homeland space.
2. Once a Character has made it to the Crown of Command space all Homeland abilities are cancelled for all players.

Alternative Abilities

Useful for: Troll

Useful for: Minotaur