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Having problems finding magic objects - then have them made for you.

The Enchantress

The Enchantress has expanded her operations and now sells enchantments! Print up the Enchantment cards and place them to the side face down like Spells. A Character that visits her and desire to consult the table as before or to roll the die and draw that many Enchantment cards. If a Character pays a price on an Enchantment card he can place this card on any normal (non-Magic) Object he possesses and it is now part of the Object.
If you want to create a Kingly Sword, a Living Dedicated Shield, or even an Invulnerable Water Bottle then you can but each Object can only have a single Enchantment placed upon it.

Superior Items

The Blacksmith also sells Superior items as well as the standard Swords, Shields, etc. The cost of a Superior item is 3 Gold greater than the usual item but it gets the Superior Card placed on it which gives it some advantages. There are other cards that help a Character gain Enchanted items as well.

Minor Rule Changes

1. The Enchanter can also give a free Enchantment instead of the other possibilities.
2. Broken items cannot be Enchanted.

Alternate Abilities

Useful for: Dwarf, Knight, Questing Knight, or Swordsman