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Can you play Talisman without dice? Sure you can!

Starting the Game

Print up 6 copies of all the Action cards below and give one set (1 through 6) of each card to each player and set one set aside to represent the game.
Please a counter on each card and whenever a player would normally roll a die he removes a token instead. It is treated as if he rolled a die with a result equal to the card from which he just de-countered.
If a player removes his last token then he adds another token to each of his cards.
When a die would normally be rolled for an Enemy a token is removed by the player to the left of the player involved in the encounter from the games cards.
Now a player can be fast, mighty in battle, or have an advantage when visiting the Cave - he just can't be all three at the same time.

Option I - Extra Cards

Give everyone a 0 and a 7 card.
When a 0 Action Card is played for Movement the player encounters the same space he currently occupies and it adds nothing when played in Combat. When played under any other circumstance treat it as 0 unless is a roll for a table in which case the player his left decides what is the result.
When a 7 Action card is played for Movement, Combat, or Psychic Combat its simply treated as a 7 was somehow rolled on the die. When played under any other circumstance treat it as 7 unless is a roll for a table in which case the player gets to decide the result.

Option II - The Dungeon Modifications

And you might want to replace the center of the Dungeon space with this unless you want a very short game.

Option III - Know When to Hold Em

Print ten sets of Action cards (1-6 or 0-7) and deal 7 random cards to each player face down.
Each player discards a card he plays it and when he runs out 7 more and dealt to him.
Random cards for Enemy combat are simply drawn from the deck. Want to get your poker buddies to play a fantasy game? Here's your way in.

Option IV - The Flow of Fate

You could try not giving Action cards to players at all.
Place either 6 (or 8 if using 0 and 7) in front of everyone with a counter on the 1 (or 0 if used). Whenever a die would normally be rolled use the value of the Action card the counter is currently on and then move it to the next highest numbered card. When it gets to the 6 Action card it's then moved to the next lowest numbered card until it gets to the lowest numbered Action card and then it increases again as before.

Bonus cards

We can toss in a few extra cards that take advantage of these special rules.

And if Your Friends are Serious Poker Junkies

Place this Event in with the regular Adventure cards.

1. Each player places in the pot a Follower, Magic Object, Object, Gold, or Spell chosen by the player to his left. If he has none of these ten he wagers a point of Strength or Craft. If he is at his starting amount of Strength and Craft then he wagers 1 Life.
2. Each player keeps his current Action Cards and draws until he has six of the them. He then dicards as many cards as he wishes and draws enough cards to put himself back up to six cards.
3. The winner is the player with the best hand. Order of Best Hands: High Card, Pair, Two Pair, Three of a Kind, Three Pair, Two Three of a Kinds, Straight (all six cards), 4 of a Kind, Full Mansion (4 of a kind plus a pair), 5 of a Kind, 6 of a Kind.
4. The winner then collects everything wagered - even if it is something he normally cannot possess (Followers that don't like your Alignment, Spells for insufficient Craft, etc) and all players discard their Action cards.

Minor Rule Changes

1. The Mind Steal Spell can take an Action card instead of a Spell if you desire.

Alternate Abilities

Useful for: Rogue, Sorceress, or Thief