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Choices, Choices

One Character not enough for you? Why not play multiple Characters?
A new player might want to play multiple Characters against an experienced player. As an alternative all players could each use multiple Characters for a truly epic game.

Starting the Game

  1. At the beginning of the game all players simply as many Characters as they'd like to play with but two restrictions. First, Alignment cannot conflict - a player can select Good or Evil Characters but not both (Neutral Characters are not a problem). Second, Characters with "Always have a Spell" cannot be selected.
  2. You place each Character on the board where it normally starts and give each Character the Objects with which it normally begins the game.
  3. All of a players Characters Gold and Spells go into one pile. For example if a player controls a Necromancer and Rogue (both of which start with a Spell) then he draws two Spells and gains two Gold at the start of the game.
  4. Remove the Wand and the High Mage Master Character from the game since they can unbalance things.
Playing with Multiple Characters

  1. A player with multiple Characters rolls a single die for movement and it applies for all his Characters.
  2. All his Characters move at the same time and cards are drawn if needed, spaces are encountered, and all the regular things happen.
  3. If a die roll needs to happen for one or more Characters then one roll is made and applies to all of them. For example a player could have a Priest encounter an Imp, a Ranger run across a Dragon, and a Druid visit the Mystic and all these situations require a die roll. If a 3 is rolled than it is applied to all situations so the Priest is teleported to the Tavern by the Imp, the Ranger rolled a 3 in Combat, and the Druid is ignored by the Mystic.
  4. All of the Gold, Spells, and defeated Enemies of each players Characters go into one pile. A player can have a maximum number of Spells equal to that all his Characters could normally possess, added together.
  5. When one of a players Characters is at the Crown of Command space he uses it as usual but it does not affect his other Characters.